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Our Story

Over our 25 years in business, Atlantis of Kilmore Quay have built up great relationships with local fishermen. Our partnerships with the skippers of day boats, beamers and trawlers means we have dedicated boats to ensure a constant supply of the freshest Irish seafood for our customers.

Supplying the Trade for over 25 Years

Atlantis of Kilmore Quay have been supplying restaurants, hotels, pubs, government bodies, caterers and fast food outlets for over our 25 years. We have an extensive network of suppliers to ensure the largest range of fresh seafood for our customers.

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Meet the Supplier - Shines Wild Irish Tuna

Here at Atlantis of Kilmore Quay we have worked hard to build our reputation for delivering quality fresh fish and seafood to our customers and our focus continues to be on bringing you the best products. We have spent a lot of time forging partnerships with suppliers to ensure a constant supply of the freshest Irish products for our customers. This week we are focusing on our supplier Shines of Killybegs Wild Irish Tuna who we have been working since 2019.

Shines Wild Irish Tuna is a family business based in Killybegs, Co Donegal. John and Marianne Shine began sourcing Wild Albacore Tuna when they owned their fish shop but quickly discovered this was rather harder than they thought. They began working with local fishermen and the Shines brand was born.

Albacore Tuna is one of the only tuna species fished by Irish fishermen off Ireland’s southwest coast commercially. The Albacore Tuna is different to that of other tuna, it’s moist and delicate with a soft pink flesh. With their smooth, torpedo shaped, body, Albacore tuna are oceanic fish built for speed, and are known to travel as fast as 80km per hour. They are a member of the same family as Mackerel and like them, they have to be constantly on the move in order to push water and oxygen onto their gills.

Like all tuna, Albacore is a rich source of complete protein, selenium and vitamin B-12. In addition, Albacore contains significantly more Omega-3 fats. Omega-3s normalise and regulate cholesterol levels and greatly reduce the risk of heart disease. Furthermore, all of the Shines tuna is hand-filleted and hand-packed in olive oil or water. Olive oil, like omega 3, has been shown to help prevent heart disease, as well as provide antioxidants that keep your hair and skin hydrated and healthy.

Shines tuna is caught by Irish fishermen when the fish is in season in August and September. Fresh Albacore Tuna can be enjoyed during this short window every year.

Always on the move, they first hit European waters around late July, and come within reach of the fishing fleet for only a short period every year. At the end of August, this fish is caught in very large numbers for just a few weeks. The waters are monitored closely, all the fishermen are committed to preserving the natural ecosystem by fishing strictly within quota limits and in a sustainable manner - sustainable fishing involves taking fish from the sea without altering the eco system, leaving enough fish to breed, and also for others who depend on the sea and respecting other fish and animal life.

Shines have several ranges, including vacuum packed tuna with large loin pieces packed tight with quality fish with olive oil, or an especially tasty light chilli oil and premium Irish sardine tins. The tinned range make a great addition to any store cupboard and not only have the tuna ranges but also include mackerel and sardines​

We source several products from Shines which can be purchased from our store in Strandfield Business Park Wexford or via our online store