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Our Story

Over our 25 years in business, Atlantis of Kilmore Quay have built up great relationships with local fishermen. Our partnerships with the skippers of day boats, beamers and trawlers means we have dedicated boats to ensure a constant supply of the freshest Irish seafood for our customers.

Supplying the Trade for over 25 Years

Atlantis of Kilmore Quay have been supplying restaurants, hotels, pubs, government bodies, caterers and fast food outlets for over our 25 years. We have an extensive network of suppliers to ensure the largest range of fresh seafood for our customers.

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Siobhán gives us clear explanations of the different cuts of fish that are available.

Here we will discuss some of the culinary names on the different cuts of fish that will be available to you from the team at Atlantis of Kilmore Quay.

I feel that people are often nervous to walk into a fishmongers and ask questions, because they feel that they might sound silly, or perhaps they are overwhelmed by the appearance or the sheer variety of fish available.

Never worry, they have the knowledge and experience and only love to talk all things fish, make recommendations and offer advice, so don’t be afraid to ask the questions.

It’s no different than going to the butcher and asking for different cuts of meat, different price ranges, etc. I know, as I’ve asked many a question over the years and still do, it’s the only way to learn, and im great believer in learning something new every day!

Cuts of Fish & Culinary Terms:

Fillet: This refers to the flesh of the fish, removed completely from the skeletal structure in a long flat piece, there should be no bones in this piece of fish.

Délice: This is a fanciful name synonymous with fillet, although the term is frequently used to describe a fillet that is folded in three.

Paupiette: A small fillet of flat fish such a sole, stuffed and rolled up from tail end to head and poached.

Supreme: A slice of fish cut from a fillet at a slant, from a large round or flat fish such as salmon, cod, turbot or brill.

Médallions: This is a cut in the same way as a supreme but a little more on the slant and trimmed carefully into a neat oval or round shape.

Goujons: These are approximately 8cm long strips cut from a bigger piece of fillet, suitable for deep frying or shallow frying.

Steak: This is a section of fish cut across and through the bone of a large whole round fish such as cod or salmon.

Tronçon: This is a section of fish, cut on the bone from a large flat fish such as turbot, brill or halibut.

Butterfly: A butterfly is a cut where the fish is filleted on both sides but kept connected by the flesh or skin on the topside.